Metra - Mission, vision and target group


Metra 'helps helping' with solutions that improve the comfort, quality of life and independence of care recipients and make caring tasks easier for care providers.


The care environment is facing major, challenging changes. At a macro level, these are driven by a society that is changing rapidly under the influence of social, cultural, economic and globalisation trends, and at a micro level by the introduction of new care concepts and technologies. Financial resources are becoming scarcer in relative terms: higher care requirements need to be met with fewer or equal resources whilst at the same time people are striving towards higher quality for the care recipient, and rightly so. In this turbulent and challenging context, Metra wants to be a care partner for all professionals in the care sector, with products and services that offer added value for the care provider and care recipient.

Metra aims to:
Deliver products and services that offer added value for care providers and care recipients;
Only offer products and services of excellent quality;
Continuously innovate through products and services;
Offer solutions based on the 4 METRA pillars: the right advice, correct introduction, thorough training and perfect after-sales service;
Create an attractive and stimulating work environment in which all employees can optimally develop their talents;
Be a reference point in its market segments;
Only choose professional partners who work according to the highest ethical standards;
Optimise its own market value in order to continue to meet these objectives as a company.


Metra works with all professionals in the care sector, including home-care shops, care institutions (hospitals, rest homes and nursing homes, rehabilitation institutions, medical training institutions etc.), social-insurance providers, home-nursing services, occupational therapists, public authorities etc. In short, anyone who puts quality of care first and is concerned with accessibility for everyone. Private individuals can come to us for initial information and will then be referred to one of our many partners, throughout Belgium and Luxembourg.

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