Metra - General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery

1. Our 'General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery' apply to all of our products and services. For products that are fully or partially customised, additional terms and conditions may apply. The terms and conditions set out below form an integral part of the contract. These can only be deviated from in writing. By accepting the delivered goods and services, the customer explicitly accepts the 'General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery'.

2. Our products will be considered to have been "delivered in good condition" and will not be taken back. We will submit serious complaints to the manufacturer and their decision will be final. Any complaint must be specified, communicated by registered letter and received by us within a week (seven days) of delivery. Otherwise the complaint will be late and considered inadmissible. Complaints will only be investigated if the specifications do not meet the specifications as indicated by the manufacturer. Our guarantee period therefore depends on that of the manufacturer.

3. We are not responsible for personal accidents, business damages or other damages caused by use of our products or services, including if these damages are caused by manufacturing or other material defects or faulty assembly.

4. Our invoices must be paid by the due date and in full in Ghent. If these are not paid on time, they will attract interest from the due date until the actual payment date, automatically and without formal notice. The interest will be charged at the statutory interest rate plus 3%. If the invoice is not paid on the due date, the invoice amount will also be increased by a fixed penalty of 10% with a minimum of 50 EUR per invoice, automatically and without formal notice. If the customer continues to fail to pay after a registered notice of default, a registered letter sent by Metra will be sufficient to legally dissolve the contract. In this case, we will also be entitled to cancel or suspend orders not yet executed.

5. During the execution of a contract, we will always be entitled to demand a payment guarantee at our own discretion. In the absence of a guarantee, we can terminate the contract by registered letter, without the customer being entitled to compensation for damages.

6. The goods remain the property of the seller as long as the purchase price due has not been paid in full by the purchaser, including if the goods have been processed. Once the goods have been delivered, the purchaser will bear all risks of damage, loss or theft.

7. Our price lists are indicative. The prices can be changed at any time without prior notice. We will charge the prices applicable at the time of delivery. An order only becomes final once we have accepted this in writing. If there is no written confirmation, our invoice will serve as confirmation, subject to the terms and conditions indicated on the invoice.

8. Our quotes are only valid for a period of max. one month, unless otherwise stated in the quote.

9. All deliveries take place fully at the customer's risk. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, delivery costs will be paid by the customer.

10. The delivery periods we propose are only indicative and not binding. Delays can neither give rise to compensation for the customer, nor to the termination of the contract.

11. In the event of disputes, Belgian law is applicable. The courts of Ghent are exclusively competent.

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